Wood Craft Centre Limited (WCCL) is pleased to announce the selected candidates for the mentioned posts against the interview held on April 23rd, 2020. The selected candidates is required to join WCCL on 1st May, 2020. If candidates fail to report or in case candidates choose to resign, the company shall recruit the standby candidate.

  1. Selected candidate for the post of General Manager, Architect
SN Name CID no. Contact no. Remarks
1 Sonam Choden Tobjur 111004001364 77226116 Selected
2 Karma Lobzang 10709002657 17896439 Not Selected
3 Kinley Tenzin Dorji 11510001829 77955221 Not Selected
4 Tenzin Dorji 11702000755 17730354 Not Selected
5 Thinely Pemo 10104001631 77730354 Not Selected
6 Tshering Tshomo 11410008622 17896890 Not Selected