Demand for a modern furniture unit was always felt necessary by the Royal Government in view of import substitution and the need to blend our own traditional craftsmanship with the modern. More-so, it was felt that it did not make economic sense to have our own timber being exported and coming back in a value added form. By February 1990, the Royal Government of Bhutan, and DANIDA initiated the process of setting up contemporary furniture making unit with the objective of setting up a Training cum Production and Advisory unit. Named as the Wood Craft Centre (WCC), the management under the erstwhile Ministry of Trade and Industry was provided with machinery & technical support by DANIDA.

Forging a greater level of cooperation with other wood based industries in the country, it has since then played a critical role in providing training and vital exposure to our national craftsmen through its regular training program and other measures. Till date, it has established two satellite units, trained over 200 graduates and importantly established a brand name that is widely regarded as the best and most sought after furniture product in the country. The Centre was incorporated on November 30th 1992 under the Company’s Act. On January 1 2015, WCCL was officially taken over by Druk Holding and Investment Limited (DHI). DHI is now the sole shareholder of WCCL.